Opening a specific View directly from the SiteMap in Power Apps (Dynamics 365 CE)

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I was recently working on a solution for a client and implementing Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator solution.

After the installation, if you go to Dynamics Health 365 app you see Patients and Practitioners on the left hand side menu. Both are named different however under the hood it is Contact entity (out of the box in Dynamics 365 CE).

If you open Patients it will switch to default or pinned view for Contact entity as you can see above.

Now if you switch to Practitioner, it will keep same view i.e. Active Patients even though we are trying to open Practitioners here.

Easiest way to sort this out is, go and edit site map to show different views for same entity.

Go to apps then select Dynamics Health 365 app, Open in Designer

Then open sitemap (wait for couple of seconds to load it fully)

Once loaded, change Practitioners to URL type and make changes with copy pasting URL for the view you need, save publish and this should work for you and load different views for same entity


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