MS CRM The specified attribute does not exist on this entity

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A typical and not helpful at all….The specified attribute does not exist on this entity

Usually this error occurs when adding a new record to an Entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, either through web interface or API.

If it is something in your main entity that’s easy to figure out but in some cases it can be really hard to find out especially when you find all fields in your entity and wonder what CRM is complaining about it.

I had similar issue where I could not understand.. CRM api was creating a new record in my required Entity but then after that it was throwing error…

After tracing I found out that actually there is a plugin sitting on my Entity which gets fired on Post Operation and that plugin’s job was to update one of field in my Entity but my entity did not have that field so therefore I was getting error but no detailed error description of it.

This plugin runs on several entities but all other entities had this specific field for update operation buy my new entity did not.

After disabling this plugin all worked perfectly.

So make sure you check..

Any plugin running on entity

Any workflow/process