Installing and using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator in Dynamics 365 CE

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If you are delivering a health care related solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CE then you should be looking at Healthcare Accelerator solution Microsoft has provided. Benifit of this solution is that you can even use some sample data with Healthcare Accelerator and can install without sample data too.

First step is to login to your environment then go to following link to get solution ‘Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator’ from market place

Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

Once you go on next installation page you might get an error that you dont have rights to install and thats because only admin can install it so you will need to request for admin access.

If you have rights then you should be able to select your organisation and install it

On next page you will get option to install

  • Either Solution on its own
  • Or with sample data

Once you progress to next page it will start installing solution.


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