How to switch Resource Scheduling Optimization from one instance to an other

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Resource Scheduling Optimization or RSO is a nice feature in Microsoft Dynamics CE Field Service. This gives dispatchers option to configure the system on auto scheduling and can pick up work orders and assign them to related resources and schedule them automatically to avoid cost and time.

To find our more about Resource Scheduling Optimization please go to official website.

Currently there is no free or trial version of Resource Scheduling Optimization is available in Dynamics world. To use one you have to buy and install first. How to buy RSO, please follow this link.

Once you have a license and you have installed RSO and you don’t want to buy any more licenses and you need to use same license for an other instance, for example switch RSO from Dev to Test environment.

First thing you need to do is to go to power platform admin centre and select your environment where you need to move RSO to and go to Manage Dynamics Apps.

Then click on Install Apps


This will give you a list of installed solutions (if you dont see one then you need to install first)

Select RSO and click on Next button.

This gives you option to Change Organization. Submit it and on next screen you get option to select your target organisation, version and submit it.

This will start installing and once installed you will get a message however its not always the case. Sometime you have to log in to you instance to check if it has been installed.

Hope this helps.

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