How to make a field required on a form in CRM using Javascript

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Sometimes when we want a field to be required when saving data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM depending on selecting an other field.

For example we have a dropdown of categories and on selecting a certain category we want certain fields to required (must have some value).

We can do this by using Javascript on our form

Go to Settings>Customizations>Entities>Select required Entity

Entity>Forms>(select form) Main>Open form


Once Form is opened go to Form Properties


On Events tab we can add a JavaScript file to do any checks we require


Click on +Add to add a new file


Select Type to Scripts and then add your code in Description box, give it a name and all ready.

On changing selection should call a method….

function rokhri_category_onchange() {



Funcion CallMyMethod(){

                Alert(‘hello there’);


Save and publish..

Now go to your entity and try it and a message will appear on saving your item with specified category.