How to get and install SSL certificate on WordPress site in GoDaddy in Plesk

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I had trouble buying, installing and then linking a SSL certificate to one of the WordPress website….after no help from GoDaddy I had to dig around and finally managed to install and link SSL certificate in Plesk.

Step 1:

Go to GoDaddy and purchase a SSL certificate or from any other provider

Step 2:

Login to Plesk and click on SSL/TLS Certificates

Then + Add SSL/TLS Certificate

Then fill in the form including giving it a name, press Request

This will create a SSL certificate for you. Now click on Certificate and open it.

Scroll down when page is open, and copy CSR and Private Key

Save it somewhere as we will need this.

Step 3:

Once you have purchased SSL, login to your account and go to Products> SSL Certificate  and then manage all where you will see your listed SSL certificates.

Click on Manage All or Manage on the one you need to fix.

Once open click on Rekey & manage

Paste certificate CSR here (you copied from step 2)

Save and then Submit All Saved Changes. This will send a request to GoDaddy for validation, once validated you will receive an email and you will get option to Download certificate.

Press Download and select Other from Service type dropdown

Step 4:

Now go back to Plesk, go to your SSL certificate, and past certificate .crt file from zip folder and Upload certificate.

Once done you SSL certificate should be available to apply.

To apply go to Hosting Settings in Plesk. Select your certificate and job done.


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