dynamics 365 product Selected entity is read-only for this client

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Product Selected entity is read-only for this client. Why is product entity read only in dynamics UCI?

When you try to add a product in PowerApps (Dynamics 365 CE) or any new entity record in CRM, you might come across this error.

As you can see from following screenshot, no option to add a product in field service!

hmmm….well we can go to advanced find, look for a product entity and then add a product….yes…let’s try that

However when open product entity and then try to add a new one, we get error ‘Selected entity is read-only for this client.

“Read-only entity detected.”

This is because entity is disabled in UCI…yes

Let’s go to default solution and open Product entity

Untick ‘Read-only in Unified Client’, save and publish changes.

Go back to your app and open Products from Menu and this time you will see a button to add a product.

Try adding a product and you should be able to add a product this time.

It’s not just product entity, there are some entities that are currently read-only in Unified Interface

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