CRM how to access crm externally installed on VPC

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As long as we have CRM 4 or CRM 2011 installed and working on virtual machine we can access it externally on same network.

First we need to check on host machine that it is accessable by typing…


This works perfect

Now go back to main computer and try above URL but we get error back…

So we need to make sure following options are enabled

1) On VPC in Network Sharing

2) Now try – you will still get same error

3) We need to add exception to port 5555 on our VPC to allow connection externally

4) Go to VPC>Firewall and allow exception to port 5555

5) Try again and all works fine

6) Add entry to host file to allow to type http://vpc:5555/orgname and access it

All done. Now we can access VPC/CRM exterally too