CRM Difference between managed and unmanaged solution

Main differences between unmanaged solution and managed solution in MS Dynamics CRM

Unmanaged Solution and managed solution

  • In unmanaged solutions we can create components and customise as we want to where in managed we can restrict things
  • Unmanaged solutions usually used to export customisations across other organisations. For example Let’s say we have a requirement to create a new entity called Bedroom in our more than one organisations.. we can create this in our main organisation by creating an unmanaged solution and then export this as managed and then import this managed solution into all other organisations – this will create new entity and all other required components
  • We can not export a managed solution
  • Unmanaged solution can be deleted however components created in it will not be deleted and will stay as a part of Default solution where in a managed solution by deleting it will delete all its components unless referenced from a different solution
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