CRM 2011: some major differences between online and on-premise deployment

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As we all know there are three types of deployment supported in MS Dynamics CRM

  • On-premise deployment – hosted on site in the own data center
  • Partner-hosted deployment – hosted with MS partner on their data center
  • Online deployment – hosted with Microsoft online

Some major differences between On-premise and  Online deployment


  • Query language – both SQL and FetchXML suuported
  • Maximum number of entities allowed
  • Maximum number of workflows allowed
  • Custom Workflow activities are supported
  • Custom indexes on database supported
  • Database backup and restore


  • FetchXML only allowed and NOT SQL
  • Maximum number of entites 300
  • Maximum number of workflows 200
  • Custom workflow activities are NOT supported
  • Custom indexes on DB are not allowed
  • Database restore not available

Definitely there are and will be more differences but above are some I find more important.

One plus point for online crm deployment with Microsoft is that online always gets all updates before On-premise versions gets any roll up.