Change sitemap navigation menu in MS CRM 2011

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To edit navigation links on the left in CRM or to add a new item follow the instructions below.

Let’s say a navigation on left is missing a name or has incorrect name.


Unknown2 does not make any sense and we don’t know what it represents so to fix this we need to export one of our unmanaged solution and get it fixed

1) Go to Settings>Solutions and select an unmanaged solution


2) Go to Client Extensions and click on Add Existing and then Site Map


3) This should add sitemap


Save, publish all customizations

Export solution as unmanaged and edit customization.xml file

Find <SiteMap> tag and then you will see a list of all navigation items such as settings etc.

<Area Id=”StaffManagement” Icon=”/_imgs/services_24x24.gif”>

Just add Title and Description field to it as below

<Area Id=”StaffManagement” Icon=”/_imgs/services_24x24.gif” Description=”ABC  Management” Title=”ABC Management” >

Save file and then zip whole folder

Import solution

Refresh page and you will see navigation/menu in left panel