WPF: How to get a selected row value from Datagrid on double click

A very simple of  getting a selected row value from Datagrid on double click… 1) Create a double click event on WPF form/window private void uxABC_MouseDoubleClick(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e){ myData decData = uxABC.SelectedItem as MyData; Guid myId = decData.MyId; } … Read More

How to display a new window by double clicking a row in datagrid in WPF

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WPF call main parent control in child control with event handler

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Sending data in utf-8 format in REST service

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Why not to use try exception in C# service

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How to generate proxy from wsdl

How to generate proxy from wsdl There are several ways of generating a proxy from WSDL in C# however one below might help 1) First get wsdl file (abc.cs)2) Run the command below using Command Prompt wsdl /l:cs /protocol:SOAP /o:C:\Development\WSDL\Reference.cs … Read More

Creating a WCF service to use with CRM HTML web resource

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wcf service wsdl domain name

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Get and Set value using ODATA End Points

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