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Get OptionSet value and set OptionSet value in CRM 2015 Plugin

Below is an explanation how to get a value and label of an OptionSet field and set a value of an OptionSet field on the basis of lable in CRM 2015/2013 plugin. Let’s say we had two fields on our … Read More

Using Azure function with webhooks and updating Dynamics 365

We have a scenario where we want to call a third party API on update of a field on account entity in Dynamics 365, send some data to that API, then update Dynamics. To achieve above we will be using azure … Read More

Logic Apps For Each loop getting attribute value

Let’s say we have a logic app which gets some data in JSON and some of the data is in array{“Name”: “TestAPP”,”Detectors”: [{“@objectType”: “Detector”,”Name”: “”,”DetectorType”: {“@objectType”: “DetectorType”,”Name”: “Smoke”},”DetectorExpiryDate”: “2024-10-14T10:36:00″,”DetectorResults”: {“@objectType”: “PassFail”,”Name”: “Pass”},”DetectorLocation”: {“@objectType”: “Position”,”Name”: “Hall”}}]} In this example we have … Read More

Deploy Azure function from Visual Studio and connect to Dynamic 365/CRM

Today we are going to create a Logic App to pass some sample JSON data, do some basic steps in it, call Azure function from Logic App, connect to Dynamics 365 in azure function, create or update records in Dynamics … Read More

Logic App read content of a file from Azure Blob storage to save on FTP or One Drive

Let’s say we have a azure blob storage URL and we want to download contents of the file and store it somewhere, for example we could get a blob URL from a public or client environment and we want to … Read More

Logic App using Liquid template to transform JSON

In this example, we are going to use Liquid template to transform our JSON input. Let’s say we have a requirement where we get data in JSON format and we need to amend JSON before we could pass it to … Read More

Logic Apps have made developers’s life easy

If you are working in Dynamics 365 then most probably you have used or at least have heard about logic apps. We had an urgent requirement where needed to read some data from a CSV file, then send it third … Read More

Check if value is null in List Records in Logic App

If we are using List Records (To get a list of records from Dynamics 365) in Logic App, some times we need to check if list returned any value or if its null before we use index 0 or greater … Read More

add padding in Logic App same as C# String.Format

If you need to add padding and limit it to a certain length in C# substring(concat(‘0000000’,variables(‘MyNumber’)),length(string(variables(‘MyNumber’))),7)Above code will limit it to seven characters length

Dynamics 365 call workflow from c# (in code)

Let’s suppose you have a requirement to run a workflow on several records, so rather than going through selecting multiple records and running workflows, we can do this by calling workflow in code Below is a sample code where we … Read More