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I need to upgrade Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premise to Dynamics 365 online and dont want to use Microsoft Portals and still want to keep Adxstudio portals as we have loads of custom code, how do I do it???

In this blog I will explain how to download latest samples and link it to D365 online (currently version 9 D365)

First thing I did, went to adxstudio and downloaded version 7.0.0026 of adxstudio

You must install Adxstudio portal solutions and create a web site in Dynamics 365 before going below

I installed downloaded .msi file which ended up going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adxstudio\XrmPortals\7.0.0026

I didnt want to keep my files there, so I copied Framework folder and pasted it in C:\Portal\Framework

Also copied MasterPortal & AdxstudioPortals.sln file from Sample folder and pasted it to C:\Portal\AdxstudioPortals

We need Framework folder which contains referenced dlls and you want to keep one directory above then Adx portal like we did above  and should look like below

Now open the solution AdxstudioPortals.sln from C:\Portal\AdxstudioPortals

Compile it and make sure you dont get any erros, you should not as long as you have kept the directory as above

Now we need to amend web.config to point it to our Dynamics 365 instance

Make sure you change URL, username and password to point it to your instance

and also websiteName to your website you have created in Dynamics 365

Now compile and debug your application and you should see a working page

Now next thing we need to do is update our dlls to v9 and to do that copy Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Proxy and Microsoft.Crm.Sdk dlls from v9 sdk and paste them into Framework folder

Now when you recompile project you will get thousands of errors, dont worry 🙂

The type or namespace name ‘Sdk’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft.Xrm’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Go into web config and add following two items


<assemblyIdentity name=”Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk” publicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35″ culture=”neutral”/>

<bindingRedirect oldVersion=”″ newVersion=”″/>



<assemblyIdentity name=”Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Proxy” publicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35″ culture=”neutral”/>

<bindingRedirect oldVersion=”″ newVersion=”″/>



Above code goes before
Also change target framework to 4.5.2

Now when you run your project, you will not get errors however you will get following error

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

Go into web cofig file and comment out following section

Now try again and you should see a working page

From this point onward you can add your custom pages etc.

Hope this helps.

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